Feb 24, 2022

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FranConnect Recruiting Checklist

Successful recruiting can make or break your franchise growth goals. Franchisors need to start preparing for the recruiting challenges that will be ahead. One way to get ready is to use the FranConnect Recruiting Readiness Checklist. This checklist can help you identify the areas of your recruitment process that need improvement and ensure that your franchise is ready to tackle the labor shortage of 2022.

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A Recruiting Checklist for Franchise Businesses

One of the biggest challenges limiting the growth of franchise businesses in 2022 is the difficulty in finding, hiring, and retaining the people needed to run a growing franchise system.

In a recent study of franchisees, respondents felt that they could get 2-5 times more growth over the next 3 years if not for the challenges associated with finding the right people to staff their businesses.

The FranConnect Recruiting Checklist provides a series of suggested tasks for franchisees who need to overcome staffing challenges in order to grow. Following this guide can improve your brand's ability to find and retain the talent you need to run your business.

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