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FranConnect Author:Keith Gerson

Keith Gerson, CFE is the President of Franchise Operations at FranConnect. Keith brings 40+ years of executive level expertise as a passionate and driven Franchisor and Franchisee with a proven track-record in building rapid-growth, and highly profitable franchise organizations. For nearly the past decade, Keith has worked closely with numerous Executive Boards and Leadership Teams that are part of FranConnect’s portfolio of 800+ brands and 150,000 locations. His focus is on helping franchisors to get to their desired future state in sales, operations, and marketing. Recognized in franchising circles for his extensive leadership experience, and ability to drive execution, Keith is a highly rated keynote speaker and author. He has had the rare opportunity to create several leading franchise systems from inception through launch and sustained growth into successful enterprise level brands.

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The Pandemic Didn’t Create Your Franchise Operations Headache, It Just Made It Worse.

So, What Can You Do Now?

COVID-19 has disrupted franchising like no other event in modern history. Nearly every size company in every sector is dealing with new operational issues spanning safety, compliance, customer acquisition and other drivers of performance. But with so much attention focused on day-to-day changes and survival, many businesses aren’t able to address serious operational pre-existing conditions. It’s necessary to examine the state of Franchise Operations 6 months ago to pinpoint cracks in the foundation, many of which must be addressed to help survive the recovery period.

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5 Things Franchise Sales Leaders MUST Do In the 2nd Half of 2020

By Keith Gerson, CFE

Even as the health-related stories about the pandemic continue to evolve, the business world faces a common challenge: moving forward. Most organizations have already realized that they can’t sit back and wait. They have to put plans into action and adapt quickly as necessary. The world of franchise sales faces its own set of challenges, but also some great opportunities. As we have reached the midway point of 2020, now is a good time to zoom out and consider what you must do as franchise leaders to ensure your development efforts continue to drive growth.  Here are my Top Five Must Do’s for Franchise Sales Leaders now that we are halfway through this unforgettable year.

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Fast Lead Response Can Double Your Franchise Sales

Lead conversions must be tracked at each stage of your sales cycle. If you’re attracting the right prospects to your brand, then conversions should increase, building more predictability and reliability into your pipeline.

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3 Steps to Improving Franchisee Engagement with Real-Time Analytics

In our ever-so-connected world of 24/7, the franchisor-franchisee relationship is in the midst of powerful change. More than ever, franchisors are focusing on the collaborative mindset that must be present for both parties to experience mutual success. And many are turning to powerful analytics and business intelligence tools. Just imagine how franchise leaders can impact franchisee engagement in our data-driven, digital world.

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