Dec 3, 2020

[Infographic] The Evolution of Franchise Sales in 2020

Written by Keith Gerson

2020 has brought many unexpected challenges for franchise brands. How have those challenges impacted franchise sales? While franchise leads are down year to date, deals have increased — indicating that while there are fewer leads, they are higher quality leads. In the infographic below, we break down how franchise sales have changed over the course of the year, and what franchise brands can do to take advantage of the leads that come their way.

And for complete details check out our 2020 Franchise Sales Index.

Evolution of Leads 2020 infographic_v5-page-001


About the author

Keith Gerson

Keith Gerson, CFE is the President of Franchise Operations at FranConnect. Keith brings 40+ years of executive level expertise as a passionate and driven Franchisor and Franchisee with a proven track-record in building rapid-growth, and highly profitable franchise organizations. For nearly the past decade, Keith has worked closely with numerous Executive Boards and Leadership Teams that are part of FranConnect’s portfolio of 800+ brands and 150,000 locations. His focus is on helping franchisors to get to their desired future state in sales, operations, and marketing. Recognized in franchising circles for his extensive leadership experience, and ability to drive execution, Keith is a highly rated keynote speaker and author. He has had the rare opportunity to create several leading franchise systems from inception through launch and sustained growth into successful enterprise level brands.

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