October 28th, 2021

Recorded Webinar: What You Need to Know About the New Texting Regulation Threatening Your Communications

Recorded Webinar

October 28th, 2021 false false


Do you use SMS text messaging as a part of your franchise sales recruitment strategy? On September 30th, 2021, the telecommunications industry initiated a new texting standard referred to as “A2P 10DLC” that will result in nearly all text messages getting caught in or slowed by spam filters, threatening to slow down your communications with prospects.

But a new program has been created to help identify “safe senders” and prevent delays. Much like TSA’s Known Traveler Number (KTN) (aka Pre-Check), this new program will allow brands to apply to become “Trusted Texters.” This lets them to send texts out safely under their own company umbrella – and bypass the widespread spam net.


Watch this webinar to learn about the new standard in detail and discover how to create your own “known texter profile” within the program.

Viewers of this webinar will learn how to:


  • Avoid being caught or slowed by spam filters
  • Get their brand listed as a “Trusted Texter”
  • Achieve the flexibility to text from many phone numbers to optimize branding and marketing campaigns
  • Determine whether to register at the “Starter” or “Standard” levels

About the Presenters

Keith Gerson-1
Keith Gerson, President of Franchise Operations, FranConnect

Keith has over 45 years of executive level expertise creating and building leading franchise systems. A highly respected thought leader, Keith works closely with many of FranConnect’s Customers’ Executive Teams. His books, webinars and keynote addresses have created a large following. His latest book, The Franchise Book of Mentors, was released in September 2019.

Tom Ngo
Tom Ngo, Founder & CEO, Lumin.ai

Tom Ngo is Founder & CEO of Lumin.ai. Previously he served as Chief Product Officer at Idealab, as Vice President at Disney Research, and in executive positions at multiple startups. Tom holds a Ph.D. in Computational Biophysics from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Cambridge University, where he graduated with first-class honors and received the first Sir Neville Mott prize for the best undergraduate thesis in theoretical physics.

Kevin Nethercott
Kevin Nethercott, VP, Partner Engagement, Mavenir

Kevin is a dynamic entrepreneurial executive with sound understanding of technology and how it can drive financial opportunities. He provides over 25 years of experience in launching companies and doing business development globally, with 15 years focused in technology development. Kevin’s leadership has forged successful strategic relationships with leading companies like Microsoft, NEC, Hitachi, Cisco, IBM, Amazon, NTT with new innovative business models in global regions such as Japan, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Spain, Malaysia, Philippines and the US..