September 21st, 2023

Unlock Global Expansion: Overcoming International Franchise Fee Challenges

Recorded Webinar

September 21st, 2023 true false

Are you franchising your business internationally or dreaming of taking your franchise system abroad? 

Challenges abound as franchisors report issues with repatriating franchise fees from international markets which can pose several challenges including currency fluctuations, regulatory and legal hurdles, taxation, repatriation restrictions, banking & payment systems, and economic and political instability.

Our experts shared their expertise and experiences in how to navigate conversion and repatriation hurdles.

Takeaways from this on-demand webinar include:

  • Unearth the challenges that have been limiting your international growth potential.
  • Learn from real-world case studies of franchises that shattered international barriers using innovative approaches.
  • Explore cutting-edge solutions on how technology and advanced payment networks can revolutionize the way you navigate complex cross-border transactions.

Don’t let the complexities stifle your international ambitions - uncover the secrets to successful franchise fee collection across borders and revolutionize your global growth trajectory. This session is applicable to North American-based franchises with insights on getting paid faster, local options, improved visibility, and reduced costs.

About the Presenters

Greg Leven_headshot
Greg Leven, SVP, Sales, Flywire

Greg Leven is the SVP, Sales for Flywire’s rapidly growing B2B vertical. He came to Flywire with 15 years of experience in the global payments and enterprise software space. His subject matter expertise in these areas has helped many global organizations unlock value from their existing payment and collection processes. Prior to Flywire, Greg was the Global Head of Coupa Pay at Coupa Software where his solution helped organizations automate the Procure to Pay function. While at Mastercard, Greg co-founded Mastercard Track, a business to business network focused on taking the friction out of business payments. Most importantly, Greg lives in Kansas City with his wife and four children.

Jim Perkins, Executive Vice President of International Sales, Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc.

Jim Perkins serves as Executive Vice President of International Sales and Support for Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. Jim has vast experience in restaurant and convenience store management and has worked specifically in operations, development, training and financial roles for brands all over the world including Papa Murphy’s, Exxon Mobil and MAM Food Co. Jim graduated from Purdue University and earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. He later went on to further develop his Spanish speaking skills in Sevilla, Spain at the Windsor Institute of Languages. In addition, Jim is the author of the book titled Beyond Bodegas and is a globally recognized speaker and consultant with former clients including Nestle, Disney and the Los Angeles County Department of Health. In 2017 Jim was named a Board Member of the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference.

Bill Edwards 2020
William "Bill" Edwards, CEO and Global Advisor, Edwards Global Services, Inc.

William Edwards, CEO and Global Advisor of Edwards Global Services, Inc. (EGS), has 4+ decades of international operations, development, executive, technical, management consulting, and entrepreneurial experience. Outside the USA, he has lived in China, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran and Turkey and has worked on projects in more than 50 countries in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

After a 20-year technical and executive career in international oil & gas exploration, Mr. Edwards was Master Franchisee for a U.S. franchisor in China, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Turkey. He was also Senior Vice President of international operations and development for the AlphaGraphics® taking the brand into 20 new countries. Since founding EGS in 2001, he and his team based in more than 25 countries have helped 44 franchisors across many industry sectors enter 30+ countries.

Keith Gerson-1
Keith Gerson, CFE, President of Franchise Ops, FranConnect

Keith Gerson brings 40+ years of executive level expertise as a passionate and driven Franchisor and Franchisee with a proven track-record in building rapid-growth, and highly profitable franchise organizations. Over the last eight years, Keith has served as President and Chief Customer Advocate for FranConnect where he has been able to work closely with many Executive Boards and Leadership Teams that are part of FranConnect’s portfolio of 1500+ brands and 325,00 locations. His focus is on helping franchisors to get to their desired future state in sales, operations, communications, and engagement. Recognized in franchising circles for his extensive leadership experience, and ability to drive execution, Keith is a highly-rated keynote speaker and has had the rare opportunity to have created several leading franchise systems from their very conception through launch and sustained growth taking these systems from micro-emerging status to that of successful enterprise level brands.