Final Session: September 8th at 2 pm ET/11 am PT

Springboard To Success: Opener

Join us on Thursday, September 8th at 2 pm ET/11 am PT for Session Six.

Final Session: September 8th, 2022, 2:00 PM Eastern false false

A multi-part course, with accompanying workbooks that let you apply the principles you learn in your own business. Come to the 1-hour webinar, use the workbook to apply the principles, get help with “office hours” sessions, and build on each success!

Session 1: What’s New in the Opener Interface (On-Demand Here)

The Opener interface now gives you, and your franchisee, unprecedented access to share data, and easily navigate to what you need to see. Get the full tour of the enhanced interface in this session. Your workbook will help you set views that let you get to the information YOU need to see.

Session 2: Invite your Franchisees to the Opener (On-Demand Here)

If you’ve been apprehensive about including your franchisees to the opening checklists, this session is for you. See how you can give them more tools to complete their tasks, and enhance their ability to provide information directly into FranConnect.

Session 3: Powering up Project Planning with Dependencies (On-Demand Here)

If you’re still pinning all your tasks to a project start or end date, you’re not taking advantage of the great visibility and project timeline prediction that FranConnect can give you. There IS a middle ground between an uncoordinated list of tasks and a complicated warren of dependencies – join us to see how Milestones and their dependencies can help you make sense of your multi-part opening projects.

Session 4: One Checklist Does NOT Fit All (On-Demand Here)

You don’t just have one cookie-cutter procedure for opening a location. Even the most streamlined process needs to be applied for new store/new owner, new store/existing owner, and the other permutations. If you have different location types, it can branch out from there. We’ll show you how you can get your new franchisees only the tasks they need to see, based on their specific situation.

Session 5: Automating your process with Workflows (On-Demand Here)

Because the Opener and the Information Manager work together, you can leverage Information Manager automation for some checklist processes – for example, you can notify the Opening team members when a location gets added. The workbook will include some examples of opener automation that you can deploy right away.

Session 6: Putting it All Together (Thursday, September 8th)

Join us for a Q&A and wrap-up on the topics learned in this course, and other location opening challenges you have in managing your franchisees.

*All previously recorded courses will be available ON DEMAND.