Next Session: March 17th at 2 pm ET/11 am PT

Springboard To Success: Engage

Join us on Thursday, March 17th, at 2 pm ET/11 am PT for Session Six.

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Register today for our new six-part series led by our Experts as they explore how you can implement and utilize the full capabilities of the FranConnect platform.

Session One: Help, I Can't Make My Franchisees Use The Hub! (On Demand, HERE)
In this session, we'll cover the four main reasons that franchisees don't adopt an intranet, and what you can do about it.
Session Two: I Inherited a Messy Hub.. Now What? (On Demand, HERE)
So, you're the new product manager for FranConnect, and they tell you the Hub is outdated, and needs an overhaul. Where do you even start? This session covers techniques for finding potentially outdated and little-used information, and discovering how your users are actually searching for information.
Session Three: Pro Tips for Advanced Hub Operations (On Demand, HERE)
You can make the Hub experience cleaner (and more attractive) for your users. In this session, we'll cover limiting folder access with roles, using HTML to create nav pages, making stories Recommended, and using URLs to point people to Hub content from other places such as campaigns and Top Stories.
Session Four: Providing a Support Outlet (On Demand, HERE)
Sometimes, you just want to ask a question. Give your franchisees an easy-access way to get answers right inside FranConnect with the Support Module. Don't want it called "Support"? We'll show you how to brand that too.
Session Five: Making Great Training Out of What You Have Now (On Demand, HERE)
You want to make some engaging training, but what you have now is documents, slides and videos. In this session, we'll discuss how you can use what you have to make good-looking training that your users will want to complete.
Session Six: Starting a Certification Program (On Demand, HERE)
In this session, we'll talk about setting up training Plans and Certifications, and making them available to only the people who need them. We'll show you some new features as well, like limiting the number of times a candidate can take a test.
*All previously recorded courses will be available ON DEMAND.