April 12th 2022

Recorded Demo: Software For Emerging Franchisees April 12 2022

Recorded Demo

April 12th, 2022, 2:00 PM Eastern false false


Your franchise business is facing an uphill battle to grow in 2022 – competition for leads, complex and changing regulatory requirements, and continued economic uncertainty make technology more important than ever for driving your growth. With the right approach and investments, growth will be possible in 2022, but you'll need the right strategy and the right technology. 

Recorded on Tuesday April 12th this is a demo of the FranConnect platform. Our expert shows how FranConnect supports growing franchises and demonstrates some of the ways FranConnect's platform approach can help you scale your business. We demonstrate how to:

  • Attract and convert franchisees
  • Open your units faster and more efficiently
  • Support your existing franchisees
  • And operate your brand more profitably

All while working smarter, not harder.  - Ready to see FranConnect in action? View the recording today! 

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