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Springboard To Success: Managing The Lifecycle

Join us on Friday, November 12th, at 2 pm ET/11 am PT for Session Five: Plan For Change.

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Register today for our new eight-part series led by our Experts as they explore how you can implement and utilize the full capabilities of the FranConnect platform.

Session One: Get Your Data Straight (On Demand)
There are a million things to know about each of your franchisees, and you can’t possibly stay on top of all of them at all times…so how do you choose what’s important? There are five critical things that you should start by keeping for each unit.
Session Two: Outline Your Calendar (On Demand) 
There are two types of dates that are important for communication between you and your franchisees – corporate events and franchisee lifecycle events. Learn why they’re important and how to stay on top of them.
Session Three: Keep It Clean & Fresh (On Demand)
Your documentation of correspondence with your franchise is your legal defense in the event a franchisee were to argue that you had not supported them as promised. Adopt the rule, “if it isn’t recorded, it didn’t happen”, and stay on the right side of any dispute.
Session Four: Automating Data Refreshes (On Demand)
Automating notifications of anniversaries and renewals and requesting franchisees to update their information with web forms ensure that you can scale your data updating.
Session Five: Plan For Change (LIVE, November 12th)
Change is inevitable, but you can standardize transfers of ownership and terminations and save work and hassle.
Session Six: Special Situations in Data Normalization (LIVE, December 10th)
Multi-unit owners and owning entities may make keeping ownership records cloudy. Make sure you’re tracking these important data items to easily see what any owner or entity has going on.
Session Seven: Secure Your Data (LIVE, January 7th)
Controlling access to records is critical in keeping your data safe. Get recommendations and how-to’s on setting password limitations and using additional password protection for Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
Session Seven: Secure Your Data (LIVE, January 21st)
Join us for a Q&A and wrap-up on the topics learned in this course, and other lifecycle challenges you have in managing your franchisees.
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