June 1st at 11 am ET/8 am PT

June's Upcoming FranConnect Release

Join us on Tuesday, June 1, at 11 am ET/8 am PT to preview FranConnect’s upcoming release.

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Upcoming FranConnect Release Webinar

Join us on June 1, at 11 am ET/8 am PT, for our monthly webinar, where we’ll walk you through some of the updates and features in FranConnect's June Release - All in less than an hour.

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June Highlights.                                                                                        

  • Mentions - Grab the attention of specific contacts in the opening tasks using @Mentions
  • Preview Documents - Preview PDFs, documents & pictures uploaded for opening tasks - Before downloading them
  • Clickable Calandar/Event Links - Share access to resources, meetings etc... by embedding clickable links for calendar or training events.
Other Updates:
• Setup branded themes across all your brands by configuring unique brand logos, themes, and domains when using FranConnect
• Create a personalized Sales and Royalty reporting views by including additional display attributes
• Expand the number of opening units displayed in the view using page per view options
• Update and report on franchise owner's or employee's job title information from the unit profile
• Multiple security, compliance, and performance improvements
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