August 12th at 11 am ET/8 am PT

EXECUTIVE WEBINAR SERIES: How to Improve Franchise Unit Level Performance

Join us on Wednesday, August 12, at 11 am ET/8 am PT to preview FranConnect’s upcoming release.

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Listen to this special webcast featuring a roundtable of leading franchising experts on optimizing franchisee performance. Executives from Intuit, FirstLight HomeCare and Peer Performance Groups share executive-level insights that enable companies to grow from emerging concepts to successful multi-unit franchising brands.

Get practical tips on what you can start doing today to increase profitability and help franchisees grow. In this session, you'll go behind the scenes to learn: 
  • Best practices for empowering franchisees to improve sales and financial performance.
  • How to create and execute franchise peer performance groups of any franchise organization.
  • Advantages of cloud-based financial systems for portfolio management.
  • How to use the QuickBooks Online cloud-based solution to leverage financial and performance metrics in real-time.
  • Why benchmarking and dashboard “scoreboards” are effective at motivating franchisees.


About the Presenters