August 17th at 11 am ET/8 am PT

Recorded Webinar: Panel of the Pros: 10 Critical Steps to Support Franchisees During COVID-19 Disruptions

Join us on Monday, August 17, at 11 am ET/8 am PT to preview FranConnect’s upcoming release.

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COVID-19 is slowing or stopping every aspect of business, driving uncertainty and anxiety among franchisees. This important webinar brings you a powerful panel discussion on critical things you can do now to help your franchisees through these most challenging of times.

Join Kevin Wilson, CEO of Buzz Brands, Barbara Nuss, CEO of Profit Soup, and Mike Rozman, CEO of, on a discussion of the critical things you can do to support your franchisees during disruptions from COVID-19.

Each panelist represents a unique perspective including multi-brand franchising, financial & unit profitability, and business loan expertise. We’ll cover a range of tasks you can immediately use, including:

  • Minimize adverse impacts on businesses, regardless of the industry and system size
  • Help franchisees plan for uncertainty and ensure they have an effective plan to weather it
  • Discover the one KPI that’s infrequently used but now critical to franchisees
  • Find cash-flow resources now available to your franchisees
  • And more…

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