April 15th at 2 pm ET/11 am PT

April 2024 - Upcoming FranConnect Release

Join us on Monday, April 15th, at 2 pm ET/11 am PT to preview FranConnect’s upcoming release.

March 11, 2024, 2:00 PM Eastern false false

Join the FranConnect Webinar on Monday, March 11th at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT.

The FranConnect Product Management Team invites you to our monthly webinar, where we will unveil the latest updates in our March 2024 release.

Release Highlights Include:

New Engagement Portal: 

Enhance communication and information sharing across your network with our upgraded Engagement Portal. 


With this update, you can: 

  • Create specialized categories to distribute customized content to relevant teams and initiatives. 
  • Streamline communication across your system, boosting engagement and satisfaction. 
  • Embed videos and images onto the category pages directly from the Hub Library, ensuring instant access to interactive resources and content. 


New Royalty Manager: 

Streamline the management of royalty calculations and collections for your global franchise brand. 


With this update, you can: 

  • Export detailed views across Sales, Royalties, Payments, and Memos in Excel format. 
  • Automatically save views and utilize timeline filters (e.g., last 7 days, current month, current year) on all Overview cards for deeper insights. 
  • Apply filters based on location attributes in Sales and Royalty listings for tailored analysis. 
  • Manage invoicing across your Master Franchisees by effortlessly handling master franchise hierarchies, royalty calculations, and collection rules in line with your Master Franchise Agreements. 


New Visits API: 

Automate compliance checks for improved adherence to brand standards with our new Visits API. 


With this update, you can: 

  • Automate the scheduling of visits with the REST API, leveraging events from your external systems for added planning convenience. 
  • Retrieve Visit Listings, Visit Details, and Task Details directly through the API, allowing seamless integration of your compliance data with other systems. 
  • Receive real-time notifications for data creation, updates, and deletions via webhooks, keeping you constantly informed of any compliance tracking changes. 


Improved Playbook Filters for Streamlined Navigation and Privacy: 

We've enhanced Playbook navigation with "All" and "Mine" filters to improve your experience. Efficiently manage Playbooks you've created or those assigned to you under "Mine," and access all active Playbooks in your network under "All." We've also refined the accessibility of Public and Private Playbooks to ensure they're visible only to relevant users based on creation and assignment, ensuring robust data access controls and improved user interface for more effective operations management. 


Enhanced Systemwide Outlet Status Reporting with Unit Lifecycle Analytics: 

Our latest update augments Systemwide Outlet Status reports with drill-down capabilities, enabling detailed analysis of Units across various states, lifecycle stages, and statuses. Additionally, we have streamlined the deactivation and termination process of unit records by incorporating a prompt for the termination date, thus enhancing the accuracy of reports for terminated units. These improvements are designed to facilitate the generation of your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) reporting directly from your central source of franchise information. 


Improved Retrieval of Segment and Unit Association via Segments API: 

To better organize units across multiple segment hierarchies, we have introduced unit_segment_mapping_id, a unique identifier that clearly defines the relationship between a unit and its respective segment. This identifier, created by combining a segment's customSegmentId with the unit's unitId, helps distinguish units within various segments, streamlining data management and enhancing reporting accuracy without the need for manual intervention. 


Save Personalized Unit Summary Views [BETA]: 

You can now create personalized Unit Summary views based on all unit attributes directly from the Unit Summary page. This enhancement, an extension to the custom reports, allows for more in-depth analysis and easier navigation across unit records. 



For feedback on the new capabilities, email betatesting@franconnect.com

For API Changes, please visit https://docs.franconnect.net/