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IFA 2017: New FranConnect Products and Capabilities

Recently, I attended IFA 2017 in Las Vegas, the biggest franchise event of the year. This annual conference brings together franchise leaders of all sizes, from single to multi-unit franchisees, to franchisors, to supplier partners. Each year at IFA, we gather together to share insights on best practices as we renew friendships and build new relationships.

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FranConnect Sky: Orion, latest release of leading franchise management software

The latest version of FranConnect’s SaaS franchise management software, FranConnect Sky: Orion, was released late December 2016 with over 130 new features. The new features include business critical application updates like batch data imports, mobile capabilities, SMS ability, and important integrations like for Quickbooks Online from Intuit.

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How FranConnect Helps Franchises Understand the Whole 'Big Data' Thing

Collecting and analyzing data can be a powerful business function, and the world’s most progressive companies have been investing in it for years. But the franchise world has been relatively slow to realize the power of big data -- ironic, as data has the potential to aid franchises more than other types of companies, since franchisees can benefit from unit-level metrics that let them harness the ideas and strategies that are working for fellow franchisees, while corporate can customize systems for various regions or cities.

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Technology-Forward Solutions for Franchisors: FranConnect Sky, cloud-based franchise management system

Traditionally, franchisors relied on word documents, spread sheets, and email to track and report important business information. But the reality is that in today’s competitive market, these antiquated ways of doing business do not work. Why? Simply put, franchisors are working in silos of inefficiencies where cross company visibility does not exist. Instead, marketing, sales, and operations all have their own ways of communicating, reporting, and sharing.

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