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Accelerate performance with FranConnect’s franchise management software

Before launching FranConnect Sky in early 2016, we spent time with our customers listening to their challenges, uncovering their wish list for franchise software solutions, and how we could elevate FranConnect to be a valued partner and trusted resource as they grow their brands.

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Can the Right Franchise Management Software Improve Unit Economics?

Historically, franchisors and franchisees have had a, shall we say, unique relationship. While formally contractual and involving some level of operational performance “enforcement,” the relationship has also been guided by a collective desire aimed at a mutually beneficial outcome: to gather data and turn it into the information needed to improve unit economics and make better business decisions that benefit the franchisor AND franchisees.  

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An Easy Way to Get Training for FranConnect’s Franchise Management Software

FranConnect customers, prepare yourselves for an easier way to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about your FranConnect system. We’re proud to announce the launch of FranConnect Success Passports! With this program, FranConnect users will have access to all open-enrollment training sessions, as well as consulting hours and business reviews. Here’s how it works:

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How to Implement an Effective Franchise Field Operations Tool

One of the biggest pain points for franchisors and their field operations teams is preparing for effective interactions with franchise owners and their employees. Yet 57% of franchisors lack a system to monitor and control field execution and performance.

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