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Creating Franchisee Buyer Personas

What is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer based on research and data from your existing customers. Creating robust, detailed buyer personas is a key component to any franchise marketing and sales strategy. It forces you to conduct comprehensive research about the types of franchisees that are successful for your organization, instead of going with gut feelings or what you simply believe to be true. Through your research, you’ll uncover a targeted approach to exactly how, where, and when you should be reaching out to your prospects. The more focused your efforts, the more qualified your leads will be, which means you’ll spend your dollars more wisely. Along with marketing efforts, your buyer personas will drive your sales approach, product development, franchisee engagement, training, and more.

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Millennials in franchising: To Be or Not To Be

Millennials. It feels like whether or not you’re a part of this generation (loosely defined as born in 1980-1999), the word leaves a sour taste in your mouth. It comes with an air of entitlement, laziness, and narcissism. It paints a picture of a generation plagued with debt. But it also illustrates a generation of innovative, culturally diverse, well-educated, and tech-savvy individuals who are calculated-risk takers. And they’re on the hunt for the next best thing.

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2016 Franchise Sales Lead Generation Trends and Results

By Joe Mathews and Keith Gerson

A total of 487 franchisors use FranConnect’s Franchise Sales Management Module as their CRM to track their franchise sales results, far more than any other franchise sales database or CRM utilized in franchising. Inside that centralized database is a jackpot of information which, when aggregated, provides a robust look at what is really occurring in franchise sales.

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