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Running a Commercial Services Franchise? Boost Your Field Operations.

Can your field consultants describe how their day-to-day tasks impact your organization’s growth?

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When Time Means Money, an App Can Help - Wall Street Journal

When business grows fast, technology can keep you ahead of the game.
by Julie Bennett

Ajay Arora, A Great Clips franchisee in Kansas City, Kan., has got a lot of satisfaction from operating and expanding his hair-salon business since 1993, but as it grew he began to experience problems on days when his salons were really busy. Then, he says, customers would crowd the units’ lobbies or line up outside, stressing his stylists and sometimes discouraging other clients who also wanted a haircut that day.

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Consistency is Key: A Field Operations Blueprint for Franchise COOs

Few franchise brands have put the necessary best practices in place to account for the solutions that allow timely reinforcement of expectations and standards. In our latest ebook, 5 Field Operations Secrets from 600 Franchise Brands, we reveal the guidelines you need to apply to rejuvenate your field operations team and tactics. Here's a sneak peek of those five areas.

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How FranConnect Helps Franchises Understand the Whole 'Big Data' Thing

Collecting and analyzing data can be a powerful business function, and the world’s most progressive companies have been investing in it for years. But the franchise world has been relatively slow to realize the power of big data -- ironic, as data has the potential to aid franchises more than other types of companies, since franchisees can benefit from unit-level metrics that let them harness the ideas and strategies that are working for fellow franchisees, while corporate can customize systems for various regions or cities.

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