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FranConnect's Takeaways & Giveaways from #IFA2017

This was clearly not your father’s IFA

If you were at IFA, you know what I mean. The IFA staff knocked it out of the park, from a sophisticated, fresh design for the event experience to the well-organized and efficient movement of 4000 people from place to place. The energy was well choreographed, especially when Robert Cresanti, IFA President and CEO, led the audience through a virtual political action activity. It left us with the undeniable observation that there is a focused effort to recruit the franchising community behind a common cause  the preservation of the business model that is the largest job creator in the U.S.

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2016 Franchise Sales Lead Generation Trends and Results

By Joe Mathews and Keith Gerson

A total of 487 franchisors use FranConnect’s Franchise Sales Management Module as their CRM to track their franchise sales results, far more than any other franchise sales database or CRM utilized in franchising. Inside that centralized database is a jackpot of information which, when aggregated, provides a robust look at what is really occurring in franchise sales.

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Running a Commercial Services Franchise? Boost Your Field Operations.

Can your field consultants describe how their day-to-day tasks impact your organization’s growth?

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