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5 Things Franchise Sales Leaders MUST Do In the 2nd Half of 2020

By Keith Gerson, CFE

Even as the health-related stories about the pandemic continue to evolve, the business world faces a common challenge: moving forward. Most organizations have already realized that they can’t sit back and wait. They have to put plans into action and adapt quickly as necessary. The world of franchise sales faces its own set of challenges, but also some great opportunities. As we have reached the midway point of 2020, now is a good time to zoom out and consider what you must do as franchise leaders to ensure your development efforts continue to drive growth.  Here are my Top Five Must Do’s for Franchise Sales Leaders now that we are halfway through this unforgettable year.

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Fast Lead Response Can Double Your Franchise Sales

Lead conversions must be tracked at each stage of your sales cycle. If you’re attracting the right prospects to your brand, then conversions should increase, building more predictability and reliability into your pipeline.

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