Feb 23, 2016

Technology-Forward Solutions for Franchisors: FranConnect Sky, cloud-based franchise management system

Written by Vernon Hardy

Traditionally, franchisors relied on word documents, spread sheets, and email to track and report important business information. But the reality is that in today’s competitive market, these antiquated ways of doing business do not work. Why? Simply put, franchisors are working in silos of inefficiencies where cross company visibility does not exist. Instead, marketing, sales, and operations all have their own ways of communicating, reporting, and sharing.

“From leads to operations, what is the big picture for my franchise lifecycle?”

“How can I better engage with my franchisees and improve unit performance?”

“How can I grow from one unit to multi-units?”

“Where can I get real-time, centralized, actionable insights to mange, track and report so that I can strategically grow my units?”

Without a solution that works in today’s hyper-competitive, 24/7 business environment, these franchisors cannot compete. This is compounded by the fact that historically, many franchisors have turned to CRM solutions, or they develop customized systems for franchising. And as proven time and again, both processes can be expensive, difficult to maintain, and time consuming to deploy.

Instead, franchisors need a technology-forward solution like FranConnect Sky, that provides actionable performance data, which applies to the entire franchise lifecycle. Only with these insights can franchisors generate more qualified leads, understand best practices for franchisee engagement, and grow units.

FranConnect's franchise management system supports the entire franchise lifecycle.

FranConnect Sky is a new, cloud-based franchise management system that enables franchisors to more effectively manage, track, and run their franchise systems. In fact, franchisors will quickly realize key business benefits, like gaining visibility to improve franchisee performance, award more franchises to improve lead-to-close conversion rates, improve on-time openings, increase unit revenue to build the brand, and make all units more successful.

If you are attending the IFA Convention, we invite you to visit us at Booth #439 and see firsthand how FranConnect Sky can transform your business.

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