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Franchise economy remains positive during political uncertainty

It’s a tumultuous political climate in the U.S. right now. Our two major political parties are deeply divided, and it seems even within parties our representatives are finding it difficult to find common ground. Americans are uneasy, particularly with so many unknowns, and it doesn’t help that we are inundated with left- and right-leaning news from the media at every turn. After looking at the American Psychological Association’s annual “Stress in America: Coping with Change” survey, NPR reported that 57 percent of people polled in January said they were stressed about the current political climate; 66 percent were stressed about the future of our nation; and 49 percent were stressed about the outcome of the presidential election.”

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Three franchise field operations models for franchisee support

The success of your franchise depends on the success of your franchisees. Key to this success is partnering with the right people and focusing on franchisee engagement, but equally important is the support your field operations team provides to your franchisees from day one. As defined in an article in Franchising World, “Franchise support is the mechanism by which the intellectual property of the franchisor is transferred to the franchisee for the purpose of replicating the success of the business model.”  

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FranConnect Customer Highlight: Nothing Bundt Cakes

This is a big year for Nothing Bundt Cakes. It marks their 10-year anniversary of franchising, and they recently opened their 200th location in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a proud partner, FranConnect is featuring Nothing Bundt Cakes to congratulate them on their successes.

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7 features your franchise development software must have

A franchise development software system is crucial to the success of your franchise recruitment efforts. It will help you and your team grow your brand in an organized way, managing every aspect of engagement with franchisee candidates, and it should integrate seamlessly with the rest of your operations. When choosing a development system – or evaluating your current one – for your franchise, ensure it has these seven features.

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