Dec 14, 2018

Introduction of Fast-Start Franchise Management Software for Emerging Brands

Written by FranConnect

FranConnect, the leading provider of franchise management solutions, announces the launch of Velocity Packs for emerging franchise brands with up to 100 locations. Now, the enterprise power and support of FranConnect Sky is available to emerging franchises in cost-effective bundles that can be quickly scaled and implemented across the organization.

(WASHINGTON, DC) – December 07, 2018 – FranConnect, the number one supplier of franchise management solutions, as voted by the readers of Entrepreneur Magazine, is proud to announce the availability of Velocity Packs for the rapid deployment of franchise management tools and services to emerging franchisors with under 100 locations.

FranConnect is highly-regarded in the franchising world for its comprehensive and robust array of enterprise-class franchise management solutions designed for franchises from the ground-up. These include solutions for the sales development, onboarding, operations support, engagement and more. The net result is a powerful, fluid, and automated set of analytics, workflows, and services that allow the brand to focus on growing its franchisee base, build the knowledge and capabilities of its franchisees, and maximize unit performance.

With the introduction of Velocity Packs, the power, centralization, and flexibility of FranConnect is now available to emerging franchises at a minimal cost and with the service and support needed to ensure rapid adoption and ongoing success.

Velocity Packs are available in Accelerate, Launch, and Thrive configurations, each containing a bundle of the most relevant applications and configurations aligned with the needs of the franchise. Pre-configured workflows, templates, and campaigns most commonly utilized at each growth stage help the emerging franchise to benefit quickly, without requiring expertise in the area of technology.

  • The Launch Velocity Pack includes FranConnect Sales, Opener, Info Manager, and Insights applications. This pack is directed toward sales development, opening operations, and business intelligence – essential foundations for a starting franchise.
  • The Accelerate Velocity Pack includes FranConnect Hub, Training, and Support, in addition to the applications in the Accelerate Velocity Pack. This is ideal for emerging franchises looking to centralize communications, support, and build capabilities of its franchisees, while supporting franchise sales and opening operations.
  • The Thrive Velocity Pack builds on the Accelerate and Launch packs with the depth of FranConnect Field Operations application. Franchisors can improve unit performance while driving growth, managing operations, and streamlining communications.

To ensure success, FranConnect also offers standardized enablement programs for each pack, based on its best-in-class customer success programs. Service packages provide assigned and dedicated personnel to assist the franchise in system launch based on best-practices. Support options also include access to FranConnect’s Success Passport program, which offers up to one year of unlimited training access to FranConnect University.

“With roughly 70% of the franchise brands in North America under 100 units, and over 300 new brands launched every year, emerging franchise brands represent a high-growth segment of the market—a segment that is underserved by the technology marketplace,” states Gabby Wong, President of FranConnect. “FranConnect is committed to providing the franchise market with our best-in-class solutions and services and innovating our offerings to better serve the emerging franchise market.”

“With the availability of Velocity Packs, franchisors that aren’t yet at ‘royalty-self-sufficiency’ now have the opportunity to utilize FranConnect’s solutions to scale with the franchise and to out execute the competition,” further states Wong

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