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May 16, 2023 Press Mentions
FranConnect, the leading provider of franchise and multi-location management solutions for driving... Read more
Aug 12, 2022 Press Mentions
ChurnZero, a leading Customer Success platform, has released the full lineup and speaker agenda for... Read more
Jun 29, 2022 Press Mentions
Franchise Business Consultants (FBCs) have the hardest job in franchising: they need to align the... Read more
Jan 20, 2022 Press Mentions
Jason Kealey is Vice President of Strategy at FranConnect, the leading provider of franchise... Read more
Oct 25, 2021 Press Mentions
The partnership between the brands, which features full integration between the two companies'... Read more
Aug 25, 2021 Press Mentions
In Keith’s role as President of Franchise Operations, he’s seen it all when it comes to brands... Read more
Mar 16, 2021 Press Mentions
Many franchise sales pros and executives have been closely studying the impact of the pandemic on... Read more
Jan 6, 2021 Press Mentions
Research has shown that referral marketing, when done well, can typically result in a 10 percent to... Read more
Jan 24, 2019 Press Mentions
1851: Tell us about yourself Gabby Wong, President and CEO: I’ve spent the better part of my... Read more
Sep 20, 2018 Press Mentions
FranConnect, recently ranked "#1 top supplier of Online Franchise Technology Services" by... Read more
Aug 23, 2018 Press Mentions
Being able to execute on the franchise’s promise to customers is the critical life blood of the... Read more
Jun 18, 2018 Press Mentions
Franchise brands eager to expand their reach cannot do so without a plan, a process and the means... Read more
Feb 6, 2018 Press Mentions
Rob Price claims to have the best job on the planet. Almost any music lover would have to agree.... Read more
Sep 14, 2017 Press Mentions
1851: Tell us about yourself. Wood: I have been in franchising for 32 years. I started in college... Read more
Jul 25, 2017 Press Mentions
Mosquito Joe is growing at an uncommon rate. Going from 14 franchised territories in 2013 to over... Read more
Jan 23, 2017 Press Mentions
Caring for the ever-increasing number of older Americans is putting a significant strain on... Read more
Nov 21, 2016 Press Mentions
There was no way to predict the incredible success K-9 Resorts would experience after following a... Read more
Sep 15, 2016 Press Mentions
No matter what industry you’re in, brands that operate within franchising all share one common... Read more