Jul 25, 2017

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FranConnect Provides Mosquito Joe’s Phenomenal Growth With The Strong Foundation It Needs To Continue Leading Their Industry

By streamlining their processes and best practices, FranConnect is helping Mosquito Joe grow at an exponential rate while still allowing them to provide unparalleled support to their franchisees.

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Mosquito Joe is growing at an uncommon rate. Going from 14 franchised territories in 2013 to over 230 in four short years has positioned them as industry leaders in the emerging mosquito control industry. The brand has made it their mission to become trusted partners in helping people enjoy their lives more by making the outdoors fun again, one yard at a time.

The brand takes their mission of becoming trusted partners very seriously, not only with their customers but with their franchisees as well. Managing such rapid expansion requires incredible systems and foundations to ensure they are able to provide the best corporate support possible. FranConnect, with their highly configurable and comprehensive franchise management software, provides the solution that helps this dynamic brand manage and grow their franchise system.

Kevin Wilson, CEO of Mosquito Joe says, “FranConnect is a valuable partner helping us run all aspects of our business better. They help us manage the entire lifecycle of a franchise. We can manage everything across the entire franchise lifecycle from one centralized location.”

Mosquito Joe is one of the over 600 companies that utilize FranConnect’s market leading franchise management software to maximize their sales and drive peak performance. As the largest software company in the marketplace today that is dedicated exclusively to the franchising industry, Wilson likens them to “a thousand-pound gorilla in the franchising world.” For over 16 years, FranConnect has provided an all-inclusive foundation for the entire franchising lifecycle “and they just keep getting more and more robust” Wilson adds.

With their Customer Relationship Management system built specifically for franchisors, Mosquito Joe’s mutual franchise candidate evaluation process is much easier to efficiently manage .“From the very beginning of our relationship with a lead, FranConnect creates a record that helps us follow it through the sales process. It allows us to create pipelines and track where all our leads are coming from.”

Once that lead has been converted to a sale, FranConnect helps connect the new franchisee with their next steps. The Opener application streamlines franchisee onboarding. Wilson says, “A series of centralized checklists and forms move our new franchise partners along with their next steps towards getting their business up and running in a short period of time.”

FranConnect is also helping the company with their royalty payments and compliance tracking. Wilson adds, “They help us manage our business relationship with the franchisee. We can create popups and timelines to keep us all on track. It keeps records for us. We have some insurance and licensing requirement tracking that is really simplified through FranConnect. Franchisees have access and the royalty payment process is made very convenient. If there is an issue that franchisees ask us to look into, a ticket is created so we can track the progress to ensure a resolution. It helps us help our franchisees.”

Beyond the sales and administration functionalities, the software is also a resource for the franchisee. The marketing applications are robust. Wilson comments,” We are able to keep our marketing materials in a repository for franchisees to access on demand. They can buy and order supplies straight from the program. And, it all flows seamlessly. We can connect 3rd party software, such as customer satisfaction surveys and other tools to help franchisees run their business better.”

A feature that Mosquito Joe is really excited about for their franchisees is “The Hub”. This application allows for discussion and networking between the franchisees. This social aspect enhances and strengthens the core of the network.  Wilson comments, “We are stronger together and this software connects us.”

With this comprehensive software on their side, Mosquito Joe’s exponential growth can continue at the pace it has been going without sacrificing on franchisee relations. FranConnect helps them connect with their system in a way that benefits every level and every stage of the franchising process.

In closing, Wilson said “FranConnect has been a great partner for us. Reporting is made easy. The dashboards are user friendly and the recent addition of a mobile version has been a game changer. Overall the company is very helpful and responsive to our needs.”

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