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FranConnect Announces Two New Executive Hires Amidst Strong Customer Momentum

RESTON, VA – (May 5, 2016)FranConnect, the leading provider of franchise management software, today announced the appointments of Tom van Gorder as Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Tracey Moon as Vice President, Marketing. By ushering in new executives to its leadership team, FranConnect is investing in the company’s future. These investments will drive growth allowing the company to better serve the long term needs of its customers.

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FranConnection’16: Operations Best Practices

Collecting and analyzing the right data can be a powerful business tool to realize unit and system growth.  Simply put, by integrating technology solutions that can take data from different areas of the business and bring it together in a way that you can easily track and analyze, you then gain access to important business intelligence.  This enables you to make informed decisions based on unit-level metrics, such as revenue tracking, marketing efforts and staffing.  Has everyone completed training?  How are you comparing performance levels between and across regions or groups of franchisees? Can your franchisees see how they rank geographically or compared to units with similar characteristics to benchmark their performance? Are franchisee goals in place and how are you measuring whether or not they are being met?

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FranConnection’16: Private Equity Panel of the Pros

Private equity firms have a reputation for dramatically increasing the value of their investments and achieving high returns. And while not every CEO is interested in having their companies bought, many can gain important learning lessons and strategic insights on the best practices employed by private equity firms to realize the value improvement opportunities that exist in a brand. How can you better predict cash flow and leverage within a range of acceptable risk? What are the strategic levers that drive performance and financial controls? What does it take to more than double your company’s growth in a 3-year window?

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FranConnection’16: The Undercover Boss Panel of the Pros

The wildly popular show “Undercover Boss” has become a cultural phenomenon.  The show features CEOs who go undercover and take entry-level jobs at their companies to discover first-hand how the day-to-day operations are really working.  And in the process, these leading executives from some of North America’s most recognized brands undergo a “transformation” – changing their looks and personas to find the truth about what is going on within their organizations. What do employees deal with while on the job? What do employees really think of management? How can bosses start nurturing their employees and their talents?

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