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How FranConnect Helps Franchises Understand the Whole 'Big Data' Thing

Collecting and analyzing data can be a powerful business function, and the world’s most progressive companies have been investing in it for years. But the franchise world has been relatively slow to realize the power of big data -- ironic, as data has the potential to aid franchises more than other types of companies, since franchisees can benefit from unit-level metrics that let them harness the ideas and strategies that are working for fellow franchisees, while corporate can customize systems for various regions or cities.

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Q&A with Christopher Fountain - Franchise Times

Christopher Fountain is CEO of Reston, Virginia-based FranConnect, a provider of franchise management systems, helping franchises manage all aspects of their operations including sales, marketing, financial data collection and analysis, and more. fountain joined the company this March, after previously serving as COO of a healthcare software provider.

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Welcome to FranConnection’16!

Welcome to FranConnection’16. This year’s conference comes at an interesting time. The franchising industry growth rate continues to outpace that of the general economy, driving demand for existing franchisors and new concepts.  Simultaneously, the regulatory environment is changing, which may negatively impact growth. Market dynamics such as these present opportunities and challenges.

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FranConnection’16: What the Franchise C-Suite Needs to Know About Digital Marketing Across the Brand

Digital marketing, data analytics, and automation – the world is rapidly changing, and in our always on, always connected world, marketing is a key challenge for franchise leadership.  In all probability , you started your business with a handful of employees at one or two local locations. At that time, your role included CEO, marketing director, sales executive, operations director, and accountant.  And, as your franchise continued to grow and as technology constantly changes how we live, work and play, the dynamics between franchisor and franchisee, brands and consumers, have transformed.

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