Q&A with Christopher Fountain - Franchise Times

Christopher Fountain is CEO of Reston, Virginia-based FranConnect, a provider of franchise management systems, helping franchises manage all aspects of their operations including sales, marketing, financial data collection and analysis, and more. fountain joined the company this March, after previously serving as COO of a healthcare software provider.

We asked Fountain about his new job, where he's taking the company and why he's bullish on the American economy. 

Franchise Times: If you could boil it down, what does FranConnect do? 

CF: At the highest level, FranConnect serves the value chain from owner recruitment all the way through owner success. We help brands achieve greater success more quickly than they might otherwise achieve. Owner recruitment is everything from trying to identify good potential owners and work with those potential owners to bring them in house and get them, ultimately, to buy into a franchise and once they buy in get them successfully launched. 

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